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Happy birthday to my husband + images - Thanks for choosing captionkeren.net as inspiration birthday wishes for husband! People who are not married yet can barely understand what a special bond there is among a wife and her husband. 

Over the years in committed relationship, based on mutual trust and support, you build the kind of 'capital' that cannot be compared with anything else. Knowing that you would not doubt a second before jumping into the fire for him and that your beloved one would do exactly the same is a wonderful feeling.

happy birthday husband
happy birthday husband

Unfortunately, sometimes our daily lives, full of rush, chaos and little never-ending tasks, makes us forget about all of this. We just get coughed in a routine, stop thinking about the happiness we have been granted for us and /or stop demonstrating our feelings for the ones we love. 

If you want to remind your husband that you still love him just like you did the day you two got married and no amount of time will change that, his birthday is a great occasion. 

So use our database of happy birthday for husband to find the right words and watch him smile as he is reading (or listening)! By the way, remember this website in case you have some other family members to congratulate!

Happy Birthday to My Husband

happy birthday to my husband
happy birthday to my husband

"Year in and year out, you’ve grown more and more good looking, caring, sensuous, protective and loving. There’s nothing more I could ask of you except for one question ‘What gift do you want today?’ Haha. Happy Birthday!."

"I thought I'd spend my life looking for someone new, but then my life changed when I found you. My heart sings, my eyes glow, when I look at you, my blood flows. Happy Birthday my darling husband."

"I love your birthdays because it gives me another chance to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. I love you forever and always, husband."

"We keep on living our lives with out noticing that some one is so close to us,  so dear to us and very important for our happy and peaceful life. But when they go far, we feel bad and miss them. At that time we realize how much we love them. You are that someone for me. I am not with you but on your birthday I want to tell you that I love you and miss you so much. Hope to kiss you and hug you soon. Happy Birthday."

"One more year has gone, wrinkles on your face and grey hairs have appeared. Things are changing but the only thing that will never change is our relation, our love. Age, wrinkles or grey hairs doesn’t matter for me. The only thing that matters is you. Happy Birthday Dear."

"Its a perfect day to tell you whats in my heart…you have made my life beautiful. You have made my home like heaven and me a successful person. You are special for me and on your special day I wish you very very happy returns of the day."

"Birthdays have actually given us an opportunity to celebrate, to smile and make other people smile. So lets take this opportunity and celebrate this special day by spreading the colors of life everywhere and make it memorable. Wishing you a great opportunity."

"I am still standing with my arms stretched, waiting for you, waiting for the love I deserve. The time will come,  when you will peep in my heart, when you actually feel me in your soul. On your birthday, my prayers and my good wishes are with you. Happy Birthday."

"Life is full of sweet surprises, the thing is to find them and enjoy. You are my sweet surprise, on your day, I wish you a life full of beautiful moments, loving friends, successful career and true love. Happy Birthday Husband."

"May God fill up your life with charm, love, happy memories and good friends. Wish you lots of kisses and hugs. Love You."

Blessed Birthday Wishes for Husband

blessed birthday wishes for husband
blessed birthday wishes for husband

"Here I am to wish you a blastic, fantastic and amazing birthday ever. Lets forget all the previous mistakes and take a new start. May you have a successful life ahead. Happy Birthday to my Husband."

"Enjoy the day, have great fun and do some crazy stuff to make your birthday memorable. Happy Birthday sweet heart! May this birthday brings you on the top of your career, where you get success and happiness too."

"Its your Birthday Dear! So when you go out to buy cake also buy the candles same number of your age. If candles cost more, then its time for plastic surgery dear because you are getting old. May you have many more birthdays to celebrate. Happy Birthday Husband."

"I know you from the moment you were born, I love you from the very first breath you have taken. Today, that is the same day, I want to say that I still love you and will love you forever till my last breath. Happy Birthday to my Husband."

"On your special occasion, dont forget the people, who love you and care for you more than any thing. Throw a big party and gather your loved ones to enjoy the day. Have a cute Birthday."

"Let me send dozens of good wishes with bucket of love and a bag of happy memories on your big day. May you get more this year. Happy Birthday Darling."

"Always look out for the happiness and keep searching for good friends. May you have a perfect life with loving family and honest friends and full of happiness. Have a Great Birthday."

"Angels cried on the day you were born, they are still crying and missing such an innocent and cute angel from the heaven. Have a Great Birthday and Great Life. Happy Birthday Dear."

"I wish your wishes come true on your birthday, the wish of staying with me all the time, the wish of kissing me while I am sleeping, a wish of dreaming about me day and night. Happy Birthday."

"There is no fun in celebrating birthdays with out cakes and wishes. So bake a really nice cake for friends and family and here is a wish from me, May you get a lot of presents and you will have all the fun you like. Happy Birthday my Husband."

"The day you were born is the most special day for me, because you are very precious and special for me from the very first day. May you have many happy moments and joy. Happy Birthday."

"May this year you will meet the person you wait for the years, the love of your life. Wish you a successful year full of love and achievements. Have a cute birthday cake and nice day."

"May God keep you healthy, wealthy, cheerful and peaceful through out the year. May you will see you hundred birthdays with the same health, happiness and peace. Have a nice day and best birthday ever."

"From childhood we are good friends, remains good enough for each other forever. Your presence gives me happiness and confidence. Always keep me in your heart and mind. Have a lovely day Dear."

"This birthday, take my love as a gift and multiply it with infinity because I want you to know the depths of my love. My life is beautiful and its just because of you. HBD to you."

"Today is the day I love to celebrate, because its birthday of my LOVE. So we will enjoy it with candles, dinner, kisses, gifts and lots and lots of love. Thank you my husband, have a lovely and memorable Birthday Darling."

"Sending wishes to lover with some love quotes can be more effective and will enhance the impression of birthday wishes."

"Every good thing I have in my life is just because of you. I have found happiness, success, luck and a good friend. Today I wish to find the way to your heart. Have a great Birthday."

Happy Birthday Husband Images

happy birthday husband images

"May your dreams come true as I found husband of my dreams like you! Happy Birthday Darling."

happy birthday husband images 1

"A heart filled birthday wish for the most adorable, handsome, kind and loving husband. Love you my sweety."

happy birthday husband images 2

"Today my perfect match was born. I thank God for this most adorable person. Happy Birthday darling."

happy birthday husband images 3

"You are a model of love for me. I got my true love in you my dear hubby. You make me complete. Love you. Happy Birthday my husband."

happy birthday husband images 4

"Sending a hump of hugs and kisses on your way for your birthday gift! Happy Birthday Sweetheart."

happy birthday husband images 5

"Special birthdays wish for the person who makes me complete and I m nothing without him. My all love and loyalty is just for you. Love You honey."

happy birthday husband images 6

"For me today is the perfect day to tell you that you are the most wonderful person of this world. I am proud to have husband like you. Happy Birthday Darling."

"You are a man of all qualities and today is the day when my man was born. Love you darling and have a blast of happiness on your birthday."

"My all wishes, prayers, hope and love is just for my life, my love and my sweet dear husband. Wishing you a huge and fantastic hear ahead."

Video Heart Touching Birthday Wish for Husband