f 40+ Ucapan Ulang Tahun Bahasa Inggris untuk Anak

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Ucapan ulang tahun bahasa inggris untuk anak - Ketika anak anda ulang tahun, apa yang akan anda berikan?. Memberi ucapan selamat ulang tahun saja atau dengan kado istimewa untuk anak anda. Hari ulang tahun merupakan hari penting untuk setiap orang, begitu juga buat anak.

Apalagi anak anda sudah mengenal arti dari hari ulang tahun. Ucapan selamat dan kado ulang tahun tentu akan dinanti olehnya. Kadang ada juga anak yang meminta hari ulang tahunnya untuk dirayakan. Sebagai orang tua tentu ingin melihat anaknya bahagia, apalagi dihari istimewanya yaitu ulang tahun.

ucapan ulang tahun bahasa inggris untuk anak

Merayakan ulang tahun anak dengan pesta yang besar dan meriah adalah impian bagi orang tua yang memang benar-benar mampu. Tapi untuk orang tua yang pas-pasan, bisa mengakalinya dengan merayakan ulang tahun anak dengan cara yang sederhana saja. Misalnya dengan membeli kue ulang tahun sederhana dan di rayakan hanya bersama keluarga tercinta.

Intinya ulang tahun yang terpenting adalah ucapan harapan dan doa yang terbaik. Apalagi ucapan dan doa tersebut dari orang tua. Maka dari itu, usahakan sebagai orang tua memberikan ucapan dan doa ulang tahun yang terbaik untuk anak-anak anda.

Jangan hanya memberi ucapan ulang tahun dengan kalimat "selamat ulang tahun anakku" tanpa doa-doa yang menyertainya. Anda dapat menggunakan ucapan ulang tahun dengan bahasa apa saja sesuai yang anda kehendaki. Apabila anda ingin memberi ucapan ulang tahun bahasa Inggris untuk anak, anda tepat berada di sini.

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Sebab kami akan membagikan kata-kata ucapan ulang tahun bahasa Inggris untuk anak-anak. Berikut 40+ ucapan ulang tahun bahasa Inggris untuk anak.

Ucapan ulang tahun bahasa Inggris untuk anak 

ucapan ulang tahun bahasa inggris untuk anak

"You came like a bright sparkling ray of light, you filled our lives with mirth. And every passing year left with yet another beautiful reason for us to live and cherish every moment. Today you stand on the threshold of many new opportunities. On this birthday, I wish you all the success of the world".

Happy birthday.
With my hands together,
My words a bit silent,
I let my heart speak.
I wish you my son,
Another blissful year,
Successful career,
And a love filled life,
Waiting ahead.
Happy birthday!

"The bygone years and the moments we have spent together were worth cherishing and remembering. With hope in my heart, blessings in every word, I wish a very happy birthday to the most loveable son. Have a bright year ahead".

"No matter how hard clouds try to hide the sun, its rays never fail to reach every nook and corner of this world. On today's special occasion, I would like to wish you the same strength and determination for all the sunny years to come. Happy birthday".

Numerous dreams we had,
All came true,
With God's special blessings,
And that is you!
Happy birthday son.

"Sons are like prize trophies. You realize their value years after you get them! You've always been our grand prize. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday".

"On your Birthday, we want to challenge the world and know if there's any other son as good as you. Because we know that there isn't! Happy Birthday son".

"We feel proud to tell the world that you are our son. May you continue doing us proud with every passing Birthday. Happy Birthday son. Cheers to a great life".

"Whenever we see you, we feel amazed at the wonderful being that we've created! Happy Birthday son.You make our life worth living".

"We hope that all the bad luck in your life comes to us and all the good luck of our lives goes to you. May you have a wonderful life ahead. Happy Birthday son".

"All this while, I thought I was the one who taught you things, but today on your Birthday, I confess that you were my real teacher in life! Happy Birthday son. May you have an extremely successful life".

"On this Birthday of yours, we wish that life showers the gift of knowledge, peace, inspiration and generosity on you. Happy Birthday son".

"On all your Birthdays we've given you special gifts, but on this Birthday you'll receive the most special gift ever - Bags of our love and buckets full of our good wishes! Happy Birthday".

"You are the son we've always wished for, hoped for and prayed for. And you've turned out to be so much more than we ever imagined. Happy Birthday to you".

"Here's raising a toast to the world's best son. Happy Birthday! May you always be merry in life".

"People would kill to have a son like you. What can we say, we've just been super lucky. Happy Birthday son".

"May you have the best of health, wealth, friends, family, dreams, passions, joys and achievements. May you never fall short of anything in life. Happy Birthday".

"Having seen you grow up from being a toddler to what you are right now has been one super roller coaster ride. We wish you well for the roller coaster ride that your life is now about to throw to you! Happy Birthday son and good luck".

"Sons are those precious possessions that you can lean on anytime you want. For us, having you in our lives has been our biggest source of support and happiness. We wish you a Happy Birthday son".

"You're the apple of our eyes and the jewel in our lives. May you live to see a hundred Birthdays! Have an unforgettable year ahead son".

"What Birthday gift do we a give a son who has given the world to us? Our blessings and good wishes will forever be with you. Happy Birthday son".

"We know that each Birthday is going to bring you loads of prosperity and success. We only wish that you have many more Birthdays to celebrate and enjoy. Happy Birthday son, you're the best".

"You may be the darling of the family, but for us, you are the world. May you have a great Birthday and a fulfilling year ahead".

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"It's our pride to see you grow into such a wonderful person year after year. We hope that you touch the lives of many others around you, just like you have touched ours. Happy Birthday!".

"With every passing Birthday, you may become mature and wise, but for us you will always remain our darling boy who used to look out of the window of the car. Wishing out little boy a Happy Birthday!".

Ucapan selamat ulang tahun bahasa inggris untuk anak kecil

All the great memories and all the more fun,
Life is so wonderful with the company of my son,
Let me start by staying,
Thanks for coming in my life, thanks a ton,
Happy birthday son, stay blessed!

I shouted at you, but that was my love,
I slapped you, but that was for a good start,
If ever you thought I was mad at you,
For me it was also very hard and true,
But all I want is, you stay blessed in life,
So wish you a very happy birthday my son!

Each day as you grow,
You will cherish these small things,
Today I want to wish you a new day,
Wish you get everything and more,
Wish you reach the stars and never look back in life,
Happy birthday to my dear son!

This day will always remind me,
Of the special time when you were born,
That time was special,
When I used to adorn,
Time goes by and you are so big,
Wish this day be awesome for you,
To my dear son,
Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful son,
There is no comparison, coz for me you are always the number one,
Reach great heights of success in life, is my wish for you,
May you get everything that you desire and new,
Happy birthday my son!

Happy birthday son,
For me, you will remain the number one,
Have a great day and enjoy your day,
Wish you a great birthday!

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Happy birthday son,
wish you all the success and good luck in life,
I wish you reach great heights of victory,
Wish you a very happy birthday, Have a memorable day!

I wish you find joy in simple things,
I wish you fly high and spread your wings,
Happy birthday and have an awesome day,
This is my only wish for you today!

We are proud to see your achievements in life,
You have been so firm, even when it was tough to survive,
Happy birthday to our dearest son,
Thanks for being a great support, thanks a ton!

Wish you all the luck and joy today,
Have a great day,
Coz it is your birthday,
So make it a memorable day,
Happy birthday to my dearest son!

You have a special place in my heart,
On this day, may you have a wonderful start,
Happy birthday, enjoy your day,
Keep smiling, and have your say,
Happy birthday son!

You brought cheer to our life dear son,
With you around, all the way its fun,
Wish you a very happy birthday,
Have an extra special day!

Happy birthday son,
Wish you reach great heights of success in life,
Wish you get all that you always desired,
Have a wonderful day!

"Wishing you love, success, fortune, friendship, happiness and everything that you want on your birthday. We love you a lot and always wish the best for you. Happy Birthday to you dearest son!".

"On your special day we just want you to know how wonderful it feels to have a son as perfect as you. A very Happy Birthday to our son whom we love so much. Lots of love, your parents!"

"May you get all that you dream of this birthday. And please don't ever forget, you are the best and don't let anyone bring you down. We love you. Happy Birthday".

"Dearest son, we may not get chance to tell you this everyday. But today, on your birthday we just want you to know how precious you are to us. We feel so blessed to have a son like you. A very Happy Birthday to you".

"May you have a day that just keeps better and better by the hour. Here is wishing the best son in the world, the best birthday ever! Have an awesome day dearest son. We love you so so much. May God bless you and may all your wishes come true this birthday".
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Semoga saja ucapan ulang tahun bahasa Inggris untuk anak ini, sangat disukai oleh anak-anak anda saat anda mengirimkannya buat mereka. Berikan bentuk cinta dan kasih sayang kepada anak-anak anda dengan mengirimkan ucapan dan doa ulang tahun paling tepat buat anak tercinta.