f Best Quotes About Wedding Captions and Message for Couple

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Quotes about wedding captions and message for couple - Who has not heard this popular saying when there is threat of rain at a wedding Years pass, fashions pass but some things always remain is quotes about marriage for couple

From grandparents to grandchildren, from parents to children, something historic sayings are found established in everyone’s mind. 

quotes about wedding captions and message for couple
Quotes about wedding captions and message for couple

This time we getclose, on the one hand to a number of traditional wedding quotes and sayings, and the other another, to a selection of quotes and quotations rather anonymous, well-known characters.

Marriage has always been an issue that is much talk marriage quotes for newlyweds and on which there have been many jokes. We’ve collected all kinds of quotations on marriage, along with sayings, wedding captions and message for couple.

Great Wedding Message for Couple

wedding message for couple

I want the love that I have brought to the altar he will never leave. Congratulations to both.

Today MARRIAGE melts in your hearts beat as one. I wish you many years full of love to share. Happy Wedding Day.

They will come good times and some less good, the important thing is to remain united to overcome the bad and enjoy the good. Congratulations on the Marriage.

I pray the Lord as BLESSINGS for their marriage, and the love that unites them is getting stronger.

May the Lord bless you with many years of happiness in your marriage. They make a beautiful couple safe you will have a nice life together.

Short Wedding Message for Couple

Today they have sworn eternal love, if you respect and care for the daily LOVE They will enjoy a very happy marriage.

My most sincere congratulations on your wedding, I deseao them to that special day Come and celebrate with so much peace, love and joy.

May God bless your marriage. Enjoy with your family and friends on this special day.

I wish that this new stage in their lives it is full of understanding, love and respect.

That you LOVE keep united and happy every day of your marriage.

In the most beautiful bride in the world, Congratulations wholeheartedly for this new phase of your life.

I wish you all the luck you deserve, and is the happiest day of your life.

You will be the most beautiful bride in the universe. Enjoy your wedding long friend.

For more nicest bride your special day, I wish you much happiness and love in their marriage.

Your boyfriend the most valuable treasure of the universe is carried, will do well to keep it under seven keys.

All the happiness in the world for the most divine bride universe.

To ensure a happy and lasting marriage needed 3: God, you and your partner.

Quotes About Marriage Life

quotes about wedding life

In these times the adjective brave must almost give couples who decide to marry. I hope these sentences and congratulations for weddings we have created will inspire and help them find some nice words to quotes about Marriage to couple on their wedding day.

The woman cries before marriage, the man later.

The marriage must relentlessly fight a monster It devours everything: custom (Honore de Balzac).

Why get married and make a man suffer when you can bring happiness to many? (Mae West)

Where there loveless marriage, there will be love without marriage. (Benjamin Franklin)

God bless your marriage, and you the strength to overcome any difficulty. Congratulations on your wedding


I wish you a wonderful future, and that love always enlighten their marriage. Congratulations to the two by marriage.

I wish you peace, harmony, much happiness And may God bless your marriage.

I wish you both all the luck they deserve, and today is the beginning of a life full of happiness and love.

Famous Quotes About Marriage

Love is physical; the chemical MARRIAGE. (Alexandre Dumas)

He refused the language of married TIRED there were more than 1 LETTER difference. (Lope de Vega)

Marriage is the result of love, as wine vinegar. (Lord Byron)

The best marriage would be the one to gather together a blind woman with a husband deaf. (Michel de Montaigne)

Marriage is such a burden that they are needed to take 2 and often 3 (Alexandre Dumas)

Love is blind but marriage makes regain sight. (GC Lichtenberg)

It is good to be married if he had no care.

Marriage and peeling broth.

Before you CASES look what you’re doing.

A LOVE forces fleeing is the winner.

Marriages and fast fights.

In such WEDDINGS such crusts.

Who good dances, wedding wedding walking.

A wedding or baptism do not go without being called. Do not marry for money, you can get a cheaper loan – Scottish proverb

When a newly married couple smile, everyone knows why. When a couple married ten years of smiles, everyone wonders why – Anonymous

When a man opens the car door for his wife, you can be sure of one thing: either the car is new or the wife is new – Anonymous

Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience – Samuel Johnson

In ancient times, the sacrifices were made at the altar. Today, that remains usual – Helen Rowland

I’m in love with the same woman for 45 years. If my wife finds out kills me – Henny Youngman

Single people should pay higher taxes; it is not fair that some men are happier than others – Oscar Wilde

Some were married in the church, some for idiots – Woody Allen

Marriage is such a heavy chain need to take to be two; and often three – Alexandre Dumas

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence – Oscar Wilde

Getting married is good. No marriage is better – San Agustin

The secret of a happy marriage is to forgive each other’s marrying – Sacha Gvitry

Love is blind, but marriage restores his sight – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage; and half shut after him – Thomas Fuller

Wishing Quotes for Wedding Anniversary

wedding captions and message for couple

The best marriage would be one to muster a blind woman with a deaf husband – Molière

Marriage is trying to solve the two problems that would never have come to be alone – Eddy Cantor

A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short – Andre Maurois

Marry if by chance you give a good woman, you’ll be happy; if not, you’ll become a philosopher – Sophocles

Marriage is a situation in which no woman gets what no man waiting and waiting what you get – Anonymous

Some marriages end well, others last a lifetime – Woody Allen

Getting married is the last decision made by a man – Anonymous

Love is a temporary madness that is cured by marriage – Ambrose Bierce

My husband and I have never considered divorce … murder sometimes, but never divorce – Joyce Brothers

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always by the same person – Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966

Marriage is a union between two people: one who never remembers birthdays and the other who never forgets – Ogden Nash

The raison d’etre of many marriages is the heritage – Ogden Nash

A good marriage is one in which each appoints the other as guardian of his solitude – Rainer Maria RilkeMarriage 

Is a process by which the shopkeeper takes you had an account with the florist – Francis Rodman

The Valentine’s Day is one in which many married they realize how bad shooter who is Cupid – Anonymous

Never have regrets about what you thought about your wife; she has thought things worse for you – Jean Rostand, Le Mariage, 1927

A man in love is incomplete until she is married. When you do, be finished – Zsa Zsa Gabor

Marriage just many short follies with a long stupidity – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Blessed are the men who love the woman I marry, but blessed is he who loves the woman he is married – Gilbert K. Chesterton

Heritage is a set of goods; Marriage is a set of ills – Enrique Poncela JardielThe best foundation for a happy marriage is mutual misunderstanding – Oscar Wilde

It’s funny this game of marriage. The woman always has the best cards and always loses the game – Oscar Wilde

I was married by a judge. You should have asked for a jury – Groucho Marx

Marriage is the leading cause of divorce – Groucho Marx

Do not marry a person with whom you think you could live, but to think that without which you could not live – Dr. James C. Dobson