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Happy married life wishes-wedding messages - Wedding is an event which is held for every individual human and is enormously wished through cards in the whole world. Cards are the best representatives of your friends wishes and prayers for you.

Wedding wishing cards are found in countless styles and formats. Here we have compiled a large collection of wedding wishes of different styles to wish your beloved ones with your noble best wishes for their happy married life.

happy married life wishes
Happy married life wishes

Here's an article about happy married life wishes-wedding messages, hopefully it can be your inspiration to give wedding congratulations to friends, relatives and family who are getting married

Happymarried Life

"Your couple has been selected from God as you were most compatible for each other. May your couple enjoy the best taste of life after binding in this holy relation of marriage! happymarried life"

happymarried life
Happymarried life

"Wedding is the day when a person reserves his all rights in the name of his wife. Now it’s up to his wife how she uses his name. So respect this sacred relation. Happy Wedding"

"Today you are losing your freedom. Your wife will keep check on your activities. Now be careful, coz your countdown has begun. Happymarried life"

"You are going to decorate your finger with wedding ring. But keep in mind that no girl will attract to see this ring In your finger, In fact you are going to lose your fame and charm. Enjoy this all life punishment"

"Wedding ceremony tells us that what pure love is and how one should care for each other now and throughout life. I wish you have blessed wedding life. Happy wedding day"

"Wedding is an indication that we have become mature and we need a life partner to lead a more beautiful life. Your parents have decided to bind you in this sacred relation. Our prayers are with you for successful married life. Happy wedding day"

"God has honored us with different beautiful relations in this world. Husband and wife is on of the most loving and caring relation which just contains love, respect and care. May you have beautiful experience of this beautiful part of life! Happy wedding day"

"Wedding is a very sacred and blessed event. On your wedding ceremony I pray it provide you happiness of all worlds. Wishing you a very happy marriage day"

"Wedding means the combination of two hearts which join each other on this special day. I wish both of you a very happy and blessed wedding day."

"As we know that the wedding pairs are made by God. And I think you are the best pair ever. Enjoy good health and have a good day."

"Husband wife is the strongest lovely relation on earth. And without this sacred relation no one is complete. Happy Marriage Day"

"As marriages are planed on skies and celebrated on earth. God made both of you for each other to live a happy and beautiful life. So enjoy you marriage day and all the days of your life. Happy Marriage"

"On this very happy moment of life I wish you both of you a beautiful life. Have a good day of your Marriage."

"Wife is a blessing for everyone and same for you. I wish you both a long happy life. And pray God to shower His blessings on you. Happy wedding day"

"I think you are the luckiest person of the world and same your wife is. Because you find a very beautiful and caring wife and your wife found a husband like you. Enjoy the day of your marriage. Happy wedding day"

Blessed Marriage Wishes

"May this wedding day remove all the black clouds from your life and God strengthen your relation"

"May God fulfill all the necessities of your life as He is fulfilling your wedding wish today!"

blessed marriage wishes
Blessed marriage wishes

"May the relation you are now bound in always be the source of pleasure and comfort!"

"May you receive same pleasure whole life as it is providing this great blessing of divine!"

"May this beautiful day help you in realizing all dreams you ever dreamed!"

"Mutual love is everything, may God bless you with this blessing too to enjoy all the taste of beautiful life."

"Wedding is joyful moment, May you always be happy as your are now"

"It is start of new life, May your life be filled with happiness"

"Couple are made on the heaven but are celebrated on the earth.May your life always be like heaven."

"Wish you happy marriage and hope that God bless you, give you prosperity and mutaul understanding"

"I pray that you enjoy the whole life, May everyday be like marrige day for you."

"May your partner comes up to your expectations, and develop mutual understand between you both."

"May God give you the power to handle all the problems of comming life wisefully."

"Good life partner is also a gift from God, Wish you Happy marrige for having such gift from God."

"Occasions of happiness and pleasure are blessings from God, May you always be blessed."

"May you always feel as close as you do this day,May the love between you both be always fresh."

"May your lives be graced with good health. May you have abundance of life. Happy Merriage day"

"May you always find happiness in your home, May you have rain of pleasure always on you."

"May you always remain in the strong bond of Marrige and Love"

"May this new relation prove be a protection from the storms of life."

"May your love become stronger with each passing day, May your future be pleasant."

Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes

"Wedding is a day in which you are going to have a gift of God in the form of your life partner"


"Wedding is that beautiful relation for which all young boys and girls wish for"


"Your wife seems the most beautiful on the day of her marriage with you"


"Wedding day makes you so special that every person eye gaze at you to wish, to pray and to look at you"


"Wedding saves you from a lot of sins"


"Wedding is a day for two persons to chose their life partner with heart, tongue and pen"


"God made it necessary to wed with each other to increase your family and make this world beautiful"


"Wedding should be held between two compatible persons otherwise it results into destruction of two families"


"The first difficult day in the life of a woman comes when she gets married"


"If you want to make a wedding successful, create an environment of love in your home"