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Congratulations on your engagement - Engagements are auspicious occasions as they signify the coming together of two people to spend the rest of their lives together. Sending across engagement wishes is perhaps the best way to convey our warm wishes for engagement to the couple

Engagements may be an elaborate affair or maybe a family event but messages of congratulations on engagement is well deserved.  The engagement quotes and engagement messages are unique and your engagement wishes will not be just another one. 

congratulation on your engagement
Congratulation on your engagement

They will touch hearts. You will find all kind of wishes at captionkeren.net. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. 

Engagement wishes and messages of congratulations on engangement will help you convey your wishes in a beautiful manner. We also help you save yourself by sending out belated wishes.

How To Congratulate A Newly Engaged Couple


Want to wish your friends well for their engagement? Have you been troubled by how would you let them know that you are very happy for them? Well, here is a list of wishes that you can send to the couple who are having their engagement. I hope you enjoy these wishes!

Here are some congratulation on engagement message that you can write on cards or your gifts!

"I congratulate you both for your sweet and true love and blissful togetherness. I wish you peaceful and great times ahead in life. Congratulations on your engagement."

"The love you have for each other is marvelous and true. Stay in love for the rest of your lives. I wish you lots of happiness and togetherness in future. Congratulations on your Engagement."

"Your love has reached a new height. May your sugary love be always happy. Congratulations on your engagement and all the luck for the times to come."

"Here comes the bride! Here comes the groom! Here comes my wishes of happiness for you both! Congratulations to the soon-to-be married couple!"

"I am so glad that you have this day. I look forward to see you on your wedding day! May your hearts never stop to beat for each other. Congratulations!"

"My heart is smiling for the couple who will soon to have their wedding! Congratulations! I’m so glad you have found each other. I am wishing you all the joy and luck for the future."

"A future that is filled with delight is my special wish for the both of you. May your dreams built together some true. I am happy for you guys! Happy Engagement!"

"Always love each other, and never ask. Trust each other, and never doubt. Let love grow till forever ends. Congratulations!"

Nice Congratulation on Engagement Message

congratulation on engagement message
Congratulation on engagement message

Wishes of good luck, best wishes, and congratulations for your friends or relatives who are about to get engaged add to the beautiful and romantic feelings of the couple. Sharing those wishes from the heart would give them the favor of feeling that they are being blessed with love from the people around them. 

Engagement is not just a requirement but a very wonderful tradition, a blissful event for a couple who are in love. So it is indeed great to give them words of good luck for their future life together. You can put the messages below on the card that you would attach on your gift.

"God makes way for the both of you to find each other. May you get married without any trouble and have a brighter future ahead of you."

"May your love never see a gloomy day. May each of the days you will be sharing always be bright."

"May your engagement be only the foundation of a lifetime of happiness together. Congratulations!"

"An engagement is the moment between two persons that makes them truthfully realize how significant they are to each other. This is the time to cherish. Our Very Best Wishes are given to you. Have a very great life ahead!"

"Love is a wonder, sugary as can be,

That will always linger as a far-reaching secrecy.

For though it is something that’s hundreds of years old,

It cannot be purchased for a silver or a gold.

But in its place must be given of one’s own will,

And sensed with no promises it must fulfill."

"As you start off together

Along life’s eventful road

Remember, carry your dreams with you,

They lessen every load

And then you will dig up

As your travel starts today

That contentment walks with you

Hand-in-hand all along the way."

Engagement Wish Ideas

If a best friend, cousin, friend, or relative is about to be engaged, it is always one best idea that you wish him or her all the greatest things in the world as he or she trails another precious path in life.

Wishes are best gifts for a friend or a relative because these thoughts from people who love the couple strengthen the idea- how blessed the couple had been.

If you are planning to send your beloved friend or relative wishes for his or her engagement, it would be fun that you ask other comrades, pals, or relatives to join you writing best wishes for the couple to be engaged.

Ask each of these people to write a simple engagement wish. Collect all notes of finest wishes, and place them in a letter box that you will hand to the couple. It would be a great engagement gift for the couple. Surely, they will enjoy reading the notes from you and your pals.

If your friends find it difficult to find engagement wish ideas, here are some samples that you could offer them so that they would be having their thoughts running.

• "Heart filled wishes on your engagement; we are hoping the best for you two today and forever. Have a happy married life!"

• "I pray and hope for endless happiness for the both of you on your engagement day and of course on your wedding day; I hope you are the ones from the story that says – Happily Ever After."

• "I hope you hold each other close in finest or worst times. It is always important that you must have trust and faith all the way; Happy married life"

• "I am wishing you the best of life today and in the days to come"

Funny Engagement Saying For Your New Engaged Friends

Are your friends having their engagement? Are you thinking of the most beautiful words to tell them? You have come to the right place! Engagement is one step closer to a lifetime promise and vow. Usually, engagement party is graced by people who are close to the couples to be engaged. 

If you are having trouble of putting into words the things you wanted to say, the possible wishes and sayings could help you express your thoughts. Here go some funny engagement sayings and wishes for couples who are hilarious!

• “Love is blind, marriage is the eye-opener.” 

You may make the follow up thought: May your hearts join together as you see the rough roads that marriage has. Be strong and let love be blind to see that you can’t instead see the strength that those rough roads offer you. Good luck! Happy engagement!

• “Marriage is the only war in which you sleep with the enemy.” 

Follow this with the words: No matter how much you fought over things still at the end of the day, you will have the most loved enemy beside you at night. Happy engagement!

• “Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit.” 

Then write: Marriage is a new journey with its twists and turns. Along the journey you will trail fights, arguments, troubles, and predicaments are inevitable; therefore, remember that making up with each other is a requirement!

• “Marriages are made in heaven. But, then again, so are thunder, lightening, tornadoes and hail.”

Then finish your wish with: Marriage is a blessing from God that is brought by your love for each other. Problems are also God-given challenges that make you think over things, and compromise. I wish you have a better life ahead. Be one in heart.

Congratulation on Engagement Message


"Your engagement is a great news! Wish you everlasting happiness."


"Congratulations for finding your perfect someone."


"It’s a great news that you are settling down. May your relationship be fulfilling in all ways."


"Engagement is the beginning of a lifelong commitment. I am happy you have found that someone special."


"Big cheer and joys for you as you decide to settle down with someone so nice! Congratulations on your engagement!"


"Engagement is just the beginning. A blissful life awaits you both!"


"I am glad you have decided to put an end to your wild ways. Congratulations for finding your soul mate."


"Super awesome wishes for a super awesome couple on their engagement. Wish you a lifetime of love and togetherness."


"Life is amazing when you spend it with someone you truly love and you know you are loved back, too. Congratulations on your engagement!"


"As the angels from heaven have brought you together, may they bless you always with love and togetherness. Congratulations to the lovely couple!"