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Planning an engagement party, present ideas & engagement party gifts - People who are newly engaged can celebrate this special happening in their lives without causing drama amongst family members and friends by looking for the etiquette to properly celebrate a wedding engagement

Some may prefer having gatherings to announce their engagement, but such events must be planned with enough time, care and consideration. 

planning an engagement party present ideas

Therefore, it is very important to familiarize yourself on the etiquette for celebrating an engagement to prevent unintentional confusion.

It is important to finalize your decision on when to announce the engagement to the people who are close to your heart. We all know that it is crucial to inform other family members at the engagement party. 

Though you know that this kind of party is a way to announce the engagement, it is important to inform your family members personally about the new engagement.

Keep in mind that the party should be held close to the engagement date and not close to the wedding. A long engagement of more than a year should have a party close to the engagement. You should carefully organize their invitation list and invite important people that you want to invite.

As a newly engaged couple, you should never host your own engagement party. For instance, if you are the bride-to-be, you may ask your parents help to organize the party at your house. Some couples two engagement parties; however, it is usually not necessary. 

However, if the engaged couple’s parents live far from each other, having two engagement parties would allow each side of their family to formally find out about the new engagement.

The suitability of engagement gifts can vary and these presents should depend on the region and the family of the engaged couple. In addition, newly engaged couples should not expect presents or ask for them since people usually give them at the wedding.

Engagement Present Ideas

One of the most important events in a person’s life is getting. Many family members and close friends will make an effort to find a special present that will express their excitement best wishes to the engaged couple. 

We know that thoughtful engagement presents are not mandatory, even if you are attending an engagement party, but these gifts can be a nice gesture.

In choosing a gift, it important to pick something that sincerely expresses your happiness and best wishes to the engaged couple. One can get an inspiration from engagement gift ideas by becoming familiar with the various types and significance of the gifts.

Like any other gifts, engagement presents come in all types and sizes. You can choose usual gifts, such as a photo album or pretty postage stamps that can be used for the wedding invitations. You can also find things that are related to gourmet, like exotic coffee samplers or chocolates.

Since every couple’s preferences vary their taste does not always match that of the engagement present that you are going to give, consider how the engagement present will be received. 

While adults may choose to give a quite significant engagement present, it is perfectly acceptable for some people to choose a small but thoughtful engagement present.

You should choose an engagement present that is well suited to the couple, or at least to one of them. While some couples may be happy if you give them special champagne and two glasses. 

If one of your best friends got engaged and you know that she is creative, then giving her scrapbook along with special paper, stickers and supplies is a great gift idea. If the engaged couple loves spending time outdoors, you can give them a picnic backpack.

Engagement Party Gifts

Engagement gifts are the absolute way to celebrate with the newly engaged couple. Even though it is not vital to bring engagement gifts, bringing one can be a fine and nice gesture to have something special for the couple. 

If you are planning to gift a couple on their engagement, you have to bear in mind the things that could represent the love of the couple, those that would remind them the beauty of their relationship, those things that would strengthen their will to really be able to remain faithful to one another. 

If in case you don’t know the couple that much, there are still some simple and special engagement party gifts that are appropriate to give to the couple. Finding one special gift may be difficult for you. To ease that difficulty, suggestions are provided.

If you would not make it to celebrate with the couple in person, there is one best idea to rejoice with them? Who would not love flowers? Flowers are a great and generally accepted wedding engagement present. You can also make a handwritten message for the couple as you send the flowers to them.

If you want to congratulate the newly engaged couple in a fun way, gifting them an engagement basket is one finest idea. There are lots of specialty gift baskets available that you can have for the couple. The basket may contain wine, traditional tea, and coffee baskets. 

Movie or game baskets and breakfast in bed gift basket would be fun too. If you know the couple well, you can even make your own engagement gift basket for them full of fun stuff that remind them of their love and that they would enjoy.