f Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Couple in 2023

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Wedding anniversary wishes to couple in 2023 - Wedding Anniversaries are those lovely occasions that can never be celebrated enough. They are the reminders of finding someone special in life. Sending across wishes on the happy occasion is the best way to tell a couple you care.


Busy lives leave us with little time to convey that we care. Nothing can ever beat the gesture of wishing someone on their special day like a marriage anniversary. Wedding anniversary Wishes can be sent to any married couple, be it friends or parents or relatives. 

wedding anniversary wishes to couple 2023

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes are a quirky way to wish friends, siblings or cousins on their special day. First wedding anniversary wishes usually mean a lot to couples as their first year together is spent learning, unlearning and relearning many facets of their lives and relationship. 

At captionkeren, we understand the emotions in your heart and have penned them down in beautiful words so that you share them with your relatives and friends in a click. 

Wedding wishes, marriage wishes and birthday wishes help keep the bond of relations intact. When you remember someone in your wishes on their special days, they know they are in your prayers, too. 

At captionkeren, we are consistently working towards listing down every occasion and every emotion you would ever need to send good wishes on. Go ahead, send wishes. Spread happiness!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Couple

best wedding anniversary wishes to couple 2023

Congratulations to the lovely couple for another happy year of marriage. Wish you many more!

They say marriage takes a lot. You both have shown it gives a lot. Best wishes on your wedding anniversary.

Wedding anniversaries are a reminder of how much you have been loved. Heartiest congratulations to the couple in love forever.

Every anniversary is special like the love that keeps growing between a husband and a wife. Have a great time both of you!

Times change. People change. What doesn’t change is the love between them. Best wishes to the exemplary couple on their wedding anniversary.

Marriage is a challenging affair but the love makes it worthwhile. I am glad you both are rocking the show. Happy Anniversary!

Special wishes to the special couple on their anniversary. You have stood the test of time. May your love be blessed.

Marriage anniversary is the time to renew the promises you made to each other. Hope you never forget yours. Stay blessed!

Nothing defines love like the bonding between a husband and a wife. Hope you are celebrating it with love and cheer on your anniversary.

Dear holy angels, please shower my favourite couple with love and prosperity that knows no end. Double their joys and vanish their worries.

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Couple in 2023

1st wedding anniversary wishes to couple

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes are sent to couples when they complete one year of marriage. These wishes are special to the couple as they celebrate their anniversary for the first time. These wishes may be sent to friends, siblings, cousins or other relatives. 

The couple is congratulated for meeting up the challenges of a marred life and taking up new roles that are both demanding and loving. At captionkeren.net, we attempt at finding the beautiful words that speak out your heart and touch the couple’s heart, too. 

We keep in mind how much hard work a couple has to put in to make their marriage work and therefore, only the most delighting wishes find space here. Sharing these Happy First Wedding Anniversary Wishes will convey how much you appreciate the couple. 

Happy Wedding Wishes and Happy Anniversary Wishes at captionkeren are poured out straight from heart and touch the heart of people you share them with. The wishes are originally written and are unique so that your wishes do not become just another wish. 

It is bound to be special. We are tirelessly working towards bringing you the most original and genuine wishes here so that you never have to repeat the wishes when sending them to different people. Go ahead, send wishes. Spread happiness!

Congratulations to the love birds on First Wedding Anniversary. Wish you all the happiness and many more anniversaries together!

Warmest of wishes to a wonderful couple on completing your first year of marriage. Congratulations!

This one year of marriage must have been a platter of love, romance and testing times. I am glad you have emerged stronger and more committed to each other. Best Wishes on your First Wedding Anniversary!

A year ago, a relationship was born. I am delighted to see how well it has bloomed. Congratulations to the awesome couple!

Cheers to my favourite couple on their first wedding anniversary. Seeing you both together reaffirms my belief in someone somewhere is made for each of us. Keep rocking!

First Wedding Anniversary is a milestone in life and I am glad you are celebrating it today. Lots of best wishes to you on this special occasion.

Heaps of cheers and best wishes to both of you on your First Wedding Anniversary. Stay blessed, always!

Sending your way the angels to sing you a happy song on your first wedding anniversary. Congratulations!

Wish you a lifetime of togetherness on your first wedding anniversary Have fun and keep soaking in each other’s love!

May the sunshine of Love and blessings be in your courtyard forever. Happy First Wedding Anniversary to the gorgeous couple!