f 36+ Ucapan Selamat Ulang Tahun Pake Bahasa Inggris

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Ucapan selamat ulang tahun pake Bahasa Inggris - Jika Anda mencari kata-kata ucapan ulang tahun buat seseorang yang spesial, saya yakin berarti Anda benar-benar peduli dengan orang tersebut. 

Terkadang tak mudah mengungkapkan keinginan hati lewat sebuah kata-kata, apalagi kata-kata itu untuk ucapan ulang tahun buat orang spesial pake Bahasa Inggris.

ucapan selamat ulang tahun pake bahasa inggris

Dari sini kami paham dengan kesulitan anda tersebut. Maka dari itu captionkeren.net akan berbagi ucapan selamat ulang tahun dengan Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bisa memudahkan kesulitan yang anda alami, setidaknya sedikit memberi inspirasilah ya!.

Improvisasi sedikit untuk menghasilkan kata-kata ucapan ulang tahun yang unik. Ucapan selamat ultah ini bisa kamu berikan kepada orang spesial seperti pacar, sahabat dan orang terdekat lainnya. Langsung saja baca artikel ini selengkapnya.

Ucapan Selamat Ulang Tahun pake Bahasa Inggris

ucapan selamat ulang tahun pake bahasa inggris

"Hope you have a birthday that's as special as you are! Are you ready to party?!"

"Thank you for being a special friend to me - totally funny, totally crazy (like me) and totally caring. Wear the brightest smile of yours and let’s get birthday party started!"

"You're thought of all year Much more than you know, And now is a best day For telling you so!"

"On the lovely occasion of your birthday, I just want to remind you that I deeply, truly, madly am in love with you. Let’s make the most of your big day today!"

"Our best years together lie ahead of us. Let’s make the most of today and tomorrow. Have a great birthday. I love you."

"Sending countless kisses and hugs to decorate your Birthday with my love."

"Some people in our lives radiate love and shine like the stars, bringing joy and happiness to those around them. You are that wonderful person. Never stop being you and follow your heart. Have a wonderful birthday, girl, you deserve it."

"Thank you for all you do for me. Thank you for giving me love so freely. Thank you for making me laugh and smile. I’m so thankful that I’ve found you and love at last! Happy Birthday!"

"The best part of everyday is sharing it with a person like you. Happy Birthday Darling."

"The moment our eyes met i knew that you are the one for me and that you will celebrate the rest of your birthdays with me."

"The moon and stars won’t be a big enough Present to show you how much i love you."

"The past gave us wonderful memories. Today brings us into the here and now of togetherness. Tomorrow we’ll create more wonderful moments in time. Happy Birthday, Beautiful!"

"There’s a miracle called Friendship That dwells within the heart, And you don’t know how it happened Or when it get its start. But the happiness it brings you Always gives a special lift. And you realize that friendship Is a very precious gift. Happy Birthday!"

"They say love is a misery, but with you I feel happiness and joy."

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"This is your special day and I hope it’s as wonderful as you. I love you. Happy birthday, baby!"

"You make me feel peaceful and whole. I hope you get everything your heart desires on your birthday. I know that includes me."

"I wish you 1 thing, to give you the chance to see yourself as I see you, only then you would realize how special you really are. Happy Birthday!"

"On your birthday I give you: A basket full of wishes, A bucket full of love, And a box filled with happiness. Congratulations sweetie."

"You don't know how happy I am to celebrate your birthday, from the moment we got together I thought it was moments like these serve to tell you that no matter what happens in the future, today I am very happy to have you at my side. Best wishes for a joyous day filled with love and laughter. Happy birthday."

"There couldn’t be a better day To take a chance to say, That you are wished a joy and luck- Be happy everyday!"

"Do you know why I never need to ask for any blessings from God? That’s because He has given me friends like you! Happy Birthday to you dear friend."

"Take a day off to celebrate you birthday. Take a year off and tell people you are younger. Happy Birthday."

"Hope your birthday is totally cool, really funtastic, wonderful, exciting, majorly awesome, rocking and HAPPY. Happy Birthday wishes."

"Enjoy your birthday and every day to the fullest. A Happy Birthday is just part of a Happy Life."

"I wish you the best birthday ever! I hope you get lots of kisses and hugs. Happy Birthday!"

"Happy Birthday, my wonderful friend! You've accomplished so much in such a short time. Hope this year is the best yet."

"You are a hard person to shop for, so I didn't get you anything. Happy Birthday."

"Happy birthday to a special person Who has fascinated me always Who is a great friend of me"

"With as much love, as I can share, I wanted to let you know I care Enough to send some love your way, On your very special day! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!"

"Because today’s your birthday, And because you’re extra nice, One wish is not enough for you And so here’s wishing twice! Hoping your Birthday’s wonderful In every single way, And next year brings happiness For my love everyday!"

"Best wishes for you my beloved friend! Wishing you a crazy, happy and fun birthday filled with wonderful surprises and lots of love!"

"With every gift you unwrap today, I hope your joy increases. May you only know happiness on your special day. Happy birthday, lover!"

"With my deepest love and sealed with a kiss, I wish a happy birthday my love and lots of birthdays to come my dear."

"I send across my best wishes to one of the best persons I know, who is like a best friend to me and has given me the best possible times in my life. Here's raising a toast for your Happy Birthday!"

"Oh, your another birthday has arrived? But it really seems only yesterday that you were a whole year younger! God bless you, Buddy!"

"May all the day of the year, you continue smiling like today. May everyday brings positive energy and good news."

"Because today's so special it really wouldn't do, to send one simple birthday wish to last the whole year through.So this wishes happy moments, a day when dreams come true, and a year that's filled with all the things that mean the most to you."

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Itulah contoh ucapan selamat ulang tahun pake Bahasa Inggris. Bagikan untuk orang spesial anda saat ulang tahunnya datang pasti akan bertambah bahagia. Karena ada banyak doa dan harapan terbaik disetiap kata-kata ucapan yang tertulis.