f Ucapan Terima Kasih Bahasa Inggris untuk Bos

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Captionkeren.net - Ucapan terima kasih untuk bos kadang memang diperlukan. Sebab bagaimanapun baik buruknya, bos menjadi perantara rezeki untuk kita. Ucapan terima kasih menjadi bagian dari rasa syukur akan kesempatan yang telah diberikan untuk kita mendapatkan sesuatu.

ucapan terima kasih bahasa inggris untuk bos

Jadi, tak ada salahnya memberikan ucapan terima kasih kepada atasan. Dengan demikian, si bos akan merasa dihargai dan dihormati. Jika kita pintar mensyukuri dengan kata-kata ucapan terima kasih, maka segala nikmat akan kita peroleh.

Sebab rasa syukur akan selalu tertanam dalam hati. Dan hati tak akan pernah menjadi kekurangan maupun berlebihan. Jadi ucapan terima kasih itu sangat perlu, apalagi ucapan tersebut diberikan kepada bos. Si bos akan merasa tersanjung dan bersimpati kepada kita.

Ada banyak kata ucapan terima kasih yang dapat diberikan kepada Bos. Beberapa contohnya dengan menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Seperti ucapan terima kasih bahasa Inggris untuk Bos berikut ini.

Kata ucapan terima kasih bahasa Inggris kepada Bos

"Thank you very much for your trust on me. I will never let you trust down dear boss".

"Thanks to boss for giving me the leader ship of that project".

"Thank you very much for showing trust on me. I will never let your trust down".

"I am very glad to have a boss like. Not very one I that luck as me. Thank you very much".
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"I am very thank full and I am very lucky to be the part of this great organization with a great. Thank you very much boss for accepting me as your employ".

"Nothing I can say will ever convey the amount of gratitude, I owe to you for showing me how to have the right attitude. Thanks"

"I won’t suck up to you by lying and saying that you are perfect in every way. But your support is the reason why I look forward to work every day. Thanks boss".

"At work, you are the answer to all our problems and questions. Thank you".

"Boss, you are the pilot who helps us fly through monthly targets and appraisals. Thanks. As our boss, you are highly motivational. As a human being, you are truly inspirational. Thanks".

Kata-kata ucapan terima kasih bahasa Inggris buat Bos

"Boss is one who supervisor of you and gave tasks to you for job and some time gives you new opprtuties to grow up. Here are some mentions to say thanks to him".

"You are a good mentor, advisor, and a brilliant person. And you are the one who recognize my hidden talent I’m thankful to you my boss".

"Whenever I think about my past. I remember those days when I was jobless and you give me chance I’m thankful to my boss".

"Boss and subordinate has a strange relation. They can understand each other And gave chance to subordinate for better future".

"When I think about kindness and I remember of you and your kindness
and wisdom towards me I’m thankful to you my boss".

".I’m thankful to you my boss. By giving me job and by giving me chance and giving me a life".

"You are the one who find a gold in me by seeing me. And found a crux in me and due to you I got progress It’s a pleasure for me I’m thankful to you my boss".

"When I fell down, you motivate me when I feel sad. You inspire me and you make my life. Thank so much my dear boss".

"I just going to say thanks and going to send my prayers to the one who is the most wonderful person of the world Who made me myself".

"Just like that a little child who is just a toddler. Has no sense to make or break. I was just like that and you make me a brilliant star I’m thankful to you my boss".

"You are the person who judge another one. Not by their wearing sense by their spoken sense and you are the one who make it clear to all. You are simply great one I’m thankful to you my boss".
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Demikian ucapan terima kasih bahasa Inggris untuk Bos(atasan). Semoga dengan ucapan terima kasih tersebut ada kebaikan yang diperoleh. Seperti bertambahnya rasa syukur dan menghargai setiap kesempatan yang telah kita peroleh dari orang lain.