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Happy Anniversary Quotes for my Wife - Anniversary wishes for Wife is a special message sent by husband to his wife on their wedding anniversary. A marriage involves two people-husband & wife who work hard to make their relationship work. They share and care for each other. 

They often do numerous little things for each other without expecting anything in return and that is what makes their relationship pure. We understand how special a wife is to his husband and how husbands don’t often express themselves.

happy anniversary quotes for my wife
Happy anniversary quotes for my wife

Wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to let your wife know how much you love her, how much pride you take in calling her yours and above all, how thankful you are to her for making everything from home to family to relations work. 

The wishes at captionkeren are originally written so that you speak your heart. Wives are special and they deserve to be told so, in beautiful words just as she is!. Add the zing of joy by sharing these wishes and many more listed here

Best Happy Anniversary Quotes for my Wife

Dear Wife, You are my life. On our wedding anniversary, let me thank you for being my support, always!

It’s time to celebrate our togetherness, sweetheart. Be with me, the best is yet to be. Happy wedding Anniversary wife!

Today is my favourite day because I am glad you chose to be my wife. May our togetherness bring you all the joy and success in life. Love You!

I remember the pretty girl who said yes to me. I am proud of the lady I wake up next to, every morning. Wish you a very happy anniversary, beautiful!

Darling, I am not sure if I have told you enough that you are the strongest person I know. On our wedding anniversary, let me tell you yet again that I am proud of you and always with you. Happy Anniversary!


Life is quite a mystery and I feel awesome that it has unfolded so beautifully with you around. Thank you for being mine!

On our wedding anniversary, I want you to know how much you mean to me. Through all the small steps in life that bought us where we are, I can’t thank you enough for holding me tight in storms of life and making me feel loved in all the moments of success. I love you so much!


Sweetheart, today is the day we swore to be each other’s for life and I am glad you are such a bundle of happiness to me. Thank you for all the things you do for me. Happy Anniversary!

Dear Wife, I am lucky to have you beside me in life’s roller coaster ride. You make it worthwhile. Happy Anniversary!

Darling, you are the woman our daughter would want to be when she grows up. We are all so proud of you, my super woman. Happy Anniversary!

Our wedding anniversary is my luckiest day as it gave me YOU. Happy wedding anniversary, pretty woman!

You are the balance in my life. Lots of Love to my wonderful wife on her birthday.

Ever since I have met you, I define life better. Thank you for being my angel, sweetheart. Wish you all the happiness on our wedding anniversary!

Warmest of wedding anniversary Wishes to the silver lining of my life.


Happy wedding anniversary, darling. May this be the beginning of best things in your life.

Dearest Wife, Wish you a life filled with everything fantastic and fulfilling. Have a great wedding anniversary birthday!

Of all the things you do for me, my favourite is when you smile back. Have a fabulous wedding anniversary and keep smiling!

You are the one whose smile can make me forget all the wilderness of this world. Warm wedding anniversary wishes to the amazing woman in my life.

I love you when you jump with joy, I love you when you are grumpy, I love you when you are mad and most of it, I love you when YOU are YOU! Have the best anniversary marriage, sweetheart!

You are an inspiration to some, you are joy to some, you are the guide for some. To me, you are my world. Happy wedding anniversary day for my wife!