f Ucapan Ulang Tahun Bahasa Inggris untuk Pak Guru

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Ucapan ulang tahun bahasa Inggris untuk pak guru - Guru salah satu sosok yang perlu diteladani. Tanpa adanya mereka, kita tak akan pernah bisa membaca, menulis dan tentu saja kurang ilmu. Untuk itu mereka wajib untuk dihormati dan dihargai.

ucapan ulang tahun bahasa inggris untuk pak guru

Maka dari itu, ketika ada guru atau pun pak guru berulang tahun, itulah kesempatan bagus untuk memberi sebuah perhatian dengan sekedar ucapan selamat ulang tahun untuk pak guru. Bisa menggunakan ucapan ulang tahun sederhana tapi berkesan, atau dengan ucapan selamat ulang tahun bahasa inggris.

Bentuk penghargaan yang lebih bagus lagi jika disertai dengan ucapan doa dan kado istimewa untuk pak guru yang sudah susah payah memberikan ilmunya.  Seperti berikut ini beberapa contoh ucapan ulang tahun bahasa inggris untuk pak guru.

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Ucapan selamat ulang tahun bahasa Inggris untuk pak guru

" Hello Sir, When I looked into the sky at night-time I always made a request, when I saw a bombardment star. My wish came true, and I’m here with you. Happy birthday to you my sir."

"There is nothing more comfortable than the adoption of a good warm fire on a cold and snowy. Well what did not accept my love for you."

"I do not think I’d love nothing more than ice cream, until I found you, of course. We wish him the best birthday my love feast."

"My love for you grows stronger with each passing year, so the holiday birthday gives you valuable time for you and make her happy birthday feast!."

"This is a tribute to the night in shining armor to me. You can protect me, you love me. Because I am your princess here to wish you happy birthday and loved."

"Happy birthday to my friend holding my company but gentle hand, and listen to me daytime or dark."

"Happy birthday to the man who was always there for me. Whether rain or shine, and I am very happy and great collection that I can call my own."

"When it comes to the holding of an adorable puppy reminds me of when you’re birthday. Will give me a warm fuzzy feeling that."

"In the silver jubilee I thought, just put a candle on the cake, symbolizing that they are really part of the class for me."

"I wish you a birthday wonderful. You do not just have teacher but you also my best friend."

"The festival got a birthday balloons, cake, and banners. But most of all I brought you something that does not cost me anything."

"When there is a fire, call the fire department, and I invite you instead! Even though you are one raised!. Now blow the candles on the cake."

Ucapan selamat ulang tahun bahasa Inggris singkat buat bapak Guru

"I hope all your birthday holiday
dreams and dreams and making meals"

"In a simple ceremony, a gathering of friends.
Here, we wish you a lot of happiness
and joy that never ends"

"Celebration filled with sun and
smiles and laughter, love and joy birth days"

"Happy Birthday sir and many happy day
You are so special for me, Allah pak bless you"

"Do you have the best of your
past the worst of your future"

"Holiday Happy Birthday holiday
to someone who is still young"

"In the special day with memories
and flowers of friendship and happy hours"

"Do you have a great day and a great year.
Happy Happy birthday my dear Sir"

"Today more than yesterday
but less than tomorrow"

"Life success leads to happiness and hope all
your wishes come true! Enjoy your day."

"Festival of birth, I would like to
give you some words of wisdom."

"Smile while you still
have many happy days"

"Dear, Sir
the day of great happiness
and the day of great joys is here
I know you made our life beautiful
with lots of good things
we cannot pay for that
so, thanks and happy birthday"

"Wish you the happiest day of life
and I wish you get all of the happiness in your life
Happy birthday Sir"

"Dear Sir,
I wish your birthday will be full of happiness
Sunshine, rainbows and Love
Happy Birthday Dear sir"

"Happy Birthday Sir,
I wish you achieve all the dreams
and success in your life
and may you live long"

Kata-kata ulang tahun bahasa Inggris untuk pak guru

"Dear Teacher!,
You are not just only our teacher.
You are more than a teacher for us.
We spent a lot of happy moments of our life with you.
So at the special moment of your life,
We wish you Happy Birthday."

"Happy birthday sir.
May you live long.
May you be like this ever"

"Happy birthday to the
world’s best teacher
and to the world’s best"

"Happy birthday to My Great Sir
Who makes me honest, admirable and punctual,
All this thing prove your honesty toward me.
May you live long, Wish you very Happy Birthday."

"Wishing a lot of happiness
and success on your special day.
Happy birthday sir."

"Life is nothing if you could
not Help Anyone but if you
are sacrificing your life for
other it’s the great’s deed.
Happy birthday sir. Keep
the spirit up."

"On your birthday, May Allah
shower good health wealth
and prosperity in your life.
wishing you many happy
Returns of the day
happy birth day sir"

"Your birth day gift
is directly proportional
to how nice you have been
to us his year.
Happy birth day sir."

"Dear Sir!
I want to thank you for whatever you
teach us. I want to hug you for your
Wish you very happy birthday.
May your life become more meaningful."

"Sir teaches the student to rise up against
all the problems. A teacher makes a man strong
enough to rise against any trouble. I want to thank
my teacher for what he did. Happy birthday."

"A Sir is not a King,
But kings are created by teacher.
Happy Birthday Teacher."

"Respected Sir!,
You always try to give us a better piece of knowledge.
In return, we are unable to do something good for you.
But we can make you feel Happy and better.
So, wishing you Happy Birthday. May you live long."

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