f Ways to Surprise Anniversary Couple on Wedding Anniversaries 2023

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Ways to surprise couple on wedding anniversary - First we want to start this post by congratulating the lucky couple getting married, to have family like you. Who care about them and want the wedding day unforgettable and friends.

It ‘s hard to surprise the couple and on this day, in which everything is planned to detail. So, why not surprise them when they least expect it? To help in the difficult task, we have thought and selected original and fun surprises to perform in key moments of the wedding

ways to surprise wedding anniversary
Surprise wedding anniversary

Here are some examples of surprise anniversary as a sign of love and sincerity towards your partner.

Surprise Anniversary Ideas for Couple

1. On leaving home

Organize a flashmob when the future couple out of their homes and their way to church or place of the ceremony is directed. It is an original idea that happy day them and give them confidence and strength for the important moment they are about to live. That yes, it is not very long to arrive on time for the ceremony!

surprise anniversary
Surprise anniversary

Engrave a video of the couple as they prepare to marry, where it looks like some of the guests have been with them at all times, without the new partner knew: Dancing behind them on the way to church, dressed another person as they dressed, holding a poster while combing. Instructs someone to edit quickly and put it at the banquet Do not you can surprise them more!

Suffer little notes or phrases of encouragement, joy and strength on their way to church. You can start leaving the first at home, in the car or hidden in their clothes or give some to the photographer or the person who will be with them longer.

2. Church / Place of the ceremony

Do participants the bride and groom! Can you make a fun entrance to the church or the place of the ceremony, accompanying the future partner in this important moment.

A great surprise if one of the guests can play an instrument. If not , nothing happens, you can always hire some musicians. 

The idea is to distribute to artists between the public and, when the ceremony put a significant song for the couple, with the aim of musicians to the rhythm of the melody go up one to one in different parts of the church, touching and As the accompanying song in the movie Love Actually!

An emotional speech of a family member or friend close to the couple. We leave you an example of speech father of the bride made her laugh and mourn all the guests.

3. Out of the Church / Place of the ceremony

Surprise boyfriends off the ceremony is a very special detail because … Be Just Married! We show you some ideas.

Tiradles painted colored rice, rose petals, small fireworks.

Colocad a red carpet that leads them to the car. More original is still designing it for yourselves with photos of the couple, and phrases that inspire your love story of newlyweds.

If any of the guests sings well, they could sing a little song to welcome the new couple. All other guests will do the chorus.

When the new couple out of the church or venue, you can surprise them with a basket containing a bottle of champagne and a couple of cups to provide. It would be great to contratarais someone to open their bottle and wished them luck.

While the bride and groom leave the church, a period which can be a bit long because of all the people who have to say hello, Realize a drawing or write a nice phrase on the floor or wall with chalk or some erasable matter, so that is the first thing they see the newlyweds.

4. Banquet

Prepare an emotional speech to be read by all guests. As the reading of all attendees is impossible, it is a good solution to do it one person from each table treat. 

The idea is that a guest gets up and starts the speech, after reading a few sentences, lifting another another table and continue with it, etc. It can be very nice if the person ends is a family sitting at the head table.

Gymkhana: Realize a treasure hunt for wedding tables, on the grounds that the couple have to go through each soothsaying proof thereof. In this way they can spend a little time with all the guests. When finished with all the tables, sorprendedles with a nice touch, something they love.

Small choreography of all guests. If possible, carry it out in the middle of treat when they least expect grooms will love.

Sorprended the bride and groom design cardboard sandwiches containing original sentences. These snacks all guests will be divided into the wedding feast, so that gradually each go up yours. These can contain phrases like: “Long live the bride and groom”, “OlĂ©”, “What the free bar reaches”

5. Dance

This first idea is lovely and is increasingly popular in weddings today. Of course, only be done at night. Take the bride and groom outside the restaurant, where all the guests already prepared with volatile lanterns, symbol of prosperity and good luck for the new couple will meet. It’s lovely to see as lost in the sky illuminating it!

Fixed camera. Colocad a fixed camera in a strategic location of the dance floor to record the entire celebration.

6. In the bridal car

Colocad next to the bridal car, a giant luminous letters with different phrases. Some of them may be: “Just married”, “Congratulations” His initials, “Long live the newlyweds”.

As of old, enganchad cans and make noise in the car registration so that they leave with it hanging.

Give them an envelope before they get into the car and ask them to open it once inside the vehicle. This envelope can be a gift of all attendees or those that wish to participate.

Llenadles car balloons newlyweds so that when open it, fly away. It would be great and would be much more emotional if the balloons contain some pretty phrase or a word. Preferably helium are to fly.

7. Hotel / Wedding Night

If the hotel service leaves you would be a nice touch:

Set aside for all guests a better room that already had, or regaladles among all attendees a luxury suite in an amazing hotel. Between you all will thrown in, This are some great tips to surprise couple on wedding.