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Short Birthday Wishes for Friend - Our lives would be simply impossible without friends. We need them as much as we need air to breathe, food to eat and pure water to drink. Friends are our support and help, when really cry out for it. Friends should certainly be respected and treated properly.

When it comes to Happy Birthday greetings for friends, we start searching for them in panic, because our friends are really true ones and they deserve only the best birthday greetings. This is really the way it should be. 

short birthday wishes for friend
Short birthday wishes for friend

A friend will appreciate all your efforts to create a different atmosphere and high spirits for his birthday. Wouldn't it be wonderful when on this day you could say the most memorable and grateful words to someone, who is very close to you.

Happy Birthday wishes for friends can be as diverse as you can only imagine. birthday wishes greetingsSome of them are romantic and they are intended for close friends, who can understand one another even without words. Such greetings are chosen by friends of different sexes.

Happy Birthday greetings for friends can have really funny contents and amusing illustrations. Friends like them, because it is great when a birthday greeting makes you laugh or smile and improves the mood. 

I think that friends' main predestination is to bring happiness and joy all the time, so funny and amusing Happy Birthday greetings are right for such friends.

Birthday greetings for friends can also have a tinge of official style and they are meant for people, who are not too close for unceremoniousness and familiarity.

Before going to any birthday party, make sure that your birthday greeting deserves the highest mark and appraisal of your friends. Therefore, prepare it in advance not to repeat the words and greetings of other guests. The ability to be original and inventive during any event has always been appreciated by others.

So, take advantage of this knowledge and start making your unique collection of Happy Birthday greetings for friends. Whenever you come across some splendid greeting, remember it and share it with your friends at the forthcoming birthday party.

Suitable short birthday wishes for friend can be found in here, containing the whole collections of various greetings for diverse occasions.

Short Birthday Wishes for Boy Friend

short birthday wishes for boy friend

"Happy birthday to my friend, always excited to achieve your goals. Try your best, there will be a way to your dream."


"Enjoy the music while your friends sing the beautiful Happy Birthday song! Make the most of your birthday today!."


"Don't be afraid to move forward, because of the past and experience for the future, happy birthday my friend."


"Today your happy smile is more than enough to see. happy birthday to you my friend."


"Happy birthday to you best friend Whatever happens, I will always be by your side whether sad or happy, because we are friends in everything."


"Complaining will only add to the burden of your mind, don't let your burdens today affect the future you have long dreamed of."


"Happy birthday! I wish your life to grow in abundance, your most cherished wishes come true."


"On your birthday, I wish you the courage to live at least many more dreams, fulfill many more wishes, and make many people live more beautiful lives."


"Do you know why I never need to ask God for a blessing? It's because He has given me a friend like you! Happy Birthday to dear friend."


"On your birthday, turn around, let's agree to make this year even more fun!."


"I hope that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Happy birthday!"


"Today I am so happy

Wishing the most important day

to most dearest person,

Most encouraging and

special, who make my life

really enthusiastic and lively.

Happy Birthday Dear Friend"


"You became

the reason of my happiness

The reason of my peace of mind

Now its my turn to give

you back all you have done

for me…

I thank you for all your love

and care, trust and pleasure

May God help you and make

life easy for you.

Happy Birthday Sweet Heart"


Short Birthday Wishes for Girl Friend

short birthday wishes for girl friend

"Time flies fast for everyone... but how do you manage not to let it flow? Best wishes for your birthday!"

"Time makes you grow and shapes you to make you more beautiful every day. Happy birthday to you!"

"But how do the years go by and not even leave a wrinkle on your face? Obviously it's enough to be young ... inside! Happy birthday."

"But come on, you wear it really well and then you're not a model, right? Come on, you have always been beautiful and the years have gone by improving you. Happy birthday!"

"But are you sure that time is passing for you? Looks like you haven't been in years since we met! Happy Birthday my friend."

"You never change... You are always like the girl I met years ago! Good luck."

"It's not the years that make people beautiful, but beautiful people like you that make life young... Happy birthday!"

"Today my thoughts go to a very special person who doesn't want to grow old... Happy birthday my friend!"

"For a woman like you, one more year means being more beautiful and charming. Happy birthday!!"

"You are so amazing and beautiful that the whole world should wish you a happy birthday and thank you for always being there for me!"

"You are the best and therefore I wish you a happy birthday from the heart, for you the years do not seem to pass hard!"

"Years have passed which made us people like us and you are doing well... Happy Birthday."

"Happy birthday my beauty, the years go by and the more beautiful you become, but how do you do it? Tell us your secret and we will always stay young like you! Happy birthday."

"You become more and more beautiful every year. happy Birthday my friend"

"You are so beautiful that you almost look like a model... come on smile, and many happy birthday wishes you will receive."

"The years that go by are like coins in a piggy bank: they only serve to make you more valuable. Happy birthday!"

"Years go by but you are always amazing. Happy birthday my friend"

"The years go by, but don't worry... you just showed the best. Good luck!"

"Best wishes for your birthday today, good luck and more beautiful than yesterday"

"Each of your years corresponds to a color that you are happy to know how to combine for the happiness of those around you! Happy birthday!"

"Time passes for you too, but your spirit is always young! Happy Birthday my friend"

"Happy birthday my dear, you have another year but you have also become prettier, cuter and wiser!"

"Best wishes, splendor, every year that passes you become more and more beautiful, continue like this at the age of one hundred you will become a model! Happy birthday from the heart!"

"Happy birthday my dear, you will see that from tomorrow, with another year, you will become even more beautiful and bright, a friend tells you that she wishes you never to grow old ... Happy birthday!"

"Sea of ​​desire. Despite this birthday, the years have not passed for you."

"Another year for my best friend not taking anything, that adds a plus for her person! Kisses and Greetings!"

"You have no reason to be depressed on a birthday, you look beautiful!Of course, in your day things are made to last! Happy birthday!"

"Many wishes for the smartest, prettiest and best person in the world whose birthday is today. Oh, I forgot! Happy Birthday to you too!"

"I wanted to give you something special...unique...fantastic...but I couldn't put myself in a gift box!!! Happy birthday!"

"Usually I only write birthday cards for people who are attractive, smart, and very sexy, but this time with you I'm going to make an exception. Happy birthday!"

"But how beautiful, how good, it is a pity that he is getting older and so is his stomach. Let's joke, don't believe and happy birthday to our coolest friend."

"But are you supposed to have a birthday today? Can't you wait a few days, like January 6th? Okay, that means we will also send our best wishes to Befana. Happy birthday!"

"I don't want you to take it too hard, so don't look in the mirror this morning, or you might find a new wrinkle that your extra year has given you! Happy birthday!"

"For your birthday, I want to give you the secrets of youth: positive thinking, healthy eating and most importantly... lying about age!"

"As for birthdays, we're all in the same boat… but you've been doing it for a long time!!"

"Lots of candles on the cake too small... but don't worry I called for reinforcements, the firefighters were out waiting just a cue! Happy birthday for my friend!"

"Happy birthday but don't celebrate too much, now you've reached a certain age and I don't want a cuddly person to come to you. Happy birthday!"

"Lighter? But here we need a flamethrower to light your candle. Happy birthday and save your breath to turn it all off!"

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