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Ucapan Selamat Hari Minggu Bahasa Inggris - Hari Minggu adalah hari yang datang setelah hari Sabtu. Biasanya sebagai hari libur dan bagian dari akhir pekan. Banyak orang memiliki berbagai rencana untuk hari Minggu. Seperti piknik, istirahat, tidur, ibadah ke Gereja dan lain-Lain.

Beberapa orang juga menghabiskan hari Minggu mereka di rumah dengan bercengkerama dengan keluarga, Handphone dan juga main internet. Bagi anak muda sih biasanya janjian bersama pacarnya untuk menikmati hari Minggunya.

ucapan selamat hari minggu bahasa inggris

Tak ada salahnya juga kita sebagai makhluk yang bermasyarakat memberikan ucapan selamat hari Minggu. Ucapan selamat hari Minggu bisa diberikan untuk teman, sahabat maupun pacar yang sedang Ldr-an. Berikut contoh ucapan selamat hari Minggu bahasa Inggris yang dapat anda bagikan untuk orang terdekatmu.

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Quotes selamat hari Minggu bahasa Inggris

It is said that every day is a new day
Similarly every sunday is new sunday.
We should be thankful to Allah for this sunday.
Because a lot of People not able to see new sunday.

I think of you all the days of the Week,
but it ss Sunday,
I have nothing else to do,
So i have decided, to just adore you.
have a happy Sunday!

Sunday us a day of love, ease, family, peace, rest,
So why not to meet up,
Spare sometime and text me up,
I will be there, wherever you call,
Have a happy Sunday!

My sundays are far more special, when you are around,
When you are there, happiness is what surrounds,
So please some up,
Sit by my side,
Let me feel some peace,
Have a happy Sunday!

Quotes selamat hari Minggu bahasa Inggris terbaik

selamat hari minggu bahasa inggris

I Wish Your Sunday To Be As
Sweet As Ice Cream,
As A Cheese Cake,
As A Sugar Cane,
Have A Happy Sunday!

Forget The Troubles,
Say Hello To Happiness,
Relax Because Its
Not Another Day,
Its Sunday.
Have A Happy Sunday!

Enjoy your Sunday,
Because Monday Is all set,
To come in,
Enjoy the Sunday,
Have a happy Sunday!

Oh no no no,
Not again that boring show,
Switch off the tv and step out,
Visit my home and have a cup of tea,
Have a happy Sunday!

Sundays have no meaning
Unless spent with family,
With passion and comfort,
happy Sunday!

Blessed Sunday Quotes

Beautiful and I love playing football
my husband outside in the park on Sunday
morning with all the fine young men who
were friends both in Cambridge three years ago.
Have a happy Sunday!

You always say that for some years
now that people should God leaves from
outside the penalty area on Sunday morning,
I do not just want to be with you for
an hour or two hours on Sunday morning
and then back to square him to stay
there so that you have Emergency.
Have A Happy Sunday!

Sunday night often feels like the
weekend is over before it even starts.
Have a happy Sunday!

Quotes selamat hari Minggu untuk Facebook

I think it’s important to keep your
personal life to yourself as much as possible.
It protects your mind and you need to be limits.
and it helps to see the actor charm.
Have A Happy Sunday!

If you know the favorite colors for
someone or what you want to do on a Sunday,
and not in the more personal.
Have a happy Sunday!

Do not let Domingo will take you.
If your soul Sunday, it becomes an orphan.
Happy Sunday!

When he woke up Sunday morning with a slight hangover,
in the gym without makeup, which is really Natalie Dormer.
Have a happy Sunday!

On Sunday morning, I’m not nervous.
I cannot wait to see what God wants me to say.
Have a happy Sunday!

Quotes selamat hari Minggu bahasa Inggris singkat

Not enough to go to church
and pray every day.
Should you behave?
Have A Happy Sunday!

The final group on Sunday at the Masters,
is the world’s largest professional golfer sensation.
Have A Happy Sunday!

In New York, it seems as if there
was not on Saturday or Sunday or Monday.
The city is always in motion.
The atmosphere is great.
Have A Happy Sunday!

Start the day with a beautiful smile
for the better start of the day
for a better day
enjoy the day
Have a great Sunday

If you spent Sunday well
then you spent week well
so start the day with a beautiful thing
Happy Sunday

Sunday a Shiny day
May your future gets shiny as
this day. Happy Sunday!

Sun is shining and the day is becoming
beautiful like you. Enjoy the Sunday!

Demikian ucapan selamat hari minggu bahasa Inggris. Semoga hari minggu anda dalam keadaan bahagia penuh suka cita dalam lindungan Tuhan. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung di captionkeren.net. Jika bermanfaat, bagikan ya?, Semoga hari Minggu anda menyenangkan.