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Wish you Merry Christmas in French language greetings - First we are providing the latest wish you Merry Christmas greetings cards wishes quotes greet you a Merry Christmas X’Mas 2022. Here on this article provide Christmas quotes in French languages. 

May God on this occasion of Christmas will fulfill all your desires and wants in your life. If you are searching for how to wish Merry Christmas in French language then you are at right place. 

wish you merry christmas in french language
wish you merry christmas 2022

Its very obvious that different countries have their own way of living and talking and also have own language in which they communicate with other in their region languages. 

So, their way of wishing Merry Christmas also differ according to places. French is one of the most popular languages of the nation. 

So on this occasion most of Franch and other country want to know how to wish Merry Christmas in French through quotes. So in this article we share with you Merry X’Mas 2022 Christmas quotes Wishes in French.

Merry Christmas in French Language

Here are the new and exclusive Merry Christmas 2022 quotes wishes for all the people who must be in a search of Merry Christmas 2022 quotes wishes. We believe in providing you the best and the latest one.

wish you merry christmas 2022

Christmas eve brings friends and family together,it gives us chance to appreciate each other for which we are often granted, may the true meaning of the Christmas Eve fill your heart and home with joy and fun

May this season of Christmas fill your life with fun and joy,Best wishes to you and your family during this Christmas holidays.

Merry Christmas in French to Boyfriend

Now you can easily share the Christmas quotes and sayings for sharing them with the friends, family and the desired people you want. When one reads the Quotes and Sayings the get pleased as it is the old but a gold formula to please someone and to give the best wishes.

There’s no you and me on Christmas Day,

It’s just us!

Merry Christmas

May your life be colorful

magnificent,shimmering and Joyful,

As the magic of Christmas spreads on you

Merry Christmas in French to Lover

Wishes are very necessary in life as they bless with the eternal heart and soul if they are true and deep down from the heart. You can also check the other Christmas stuff at our website as all the things are just for you people at free of cost.

Dear Santa, Send more money soon…

being your elf is getting expensive.

Merry Christmas.

May the Christmas season ,

fill your home with family and friends,

your heart with love,

and your life with laughter.

Merry X’Mas Christmas 2022 Quotes Wishes in French

Que la joie et la paix de Noël. Que la joie et la paix de Noël avec vous tout au long da Année . Souhaitant ua saison bénédictions du ciel ci-dessus. Joyeux Noël .

Joyeux Noël à mes enfants et

mes petits-enfants .

Que Dieu , cette nouvelle année

vous donner toutes les choses

que vous méritez juste titre . Et

enfin la paix être le vôtre .

Puissiez-vous avoir le

meilleur de Noël cette année et une nouvelle

année très heureux. Que

tous vos rêves se réalisent

Bonheur dépend Plus dan ans.

Bonheur dépend plus dan année .

Les moments de Tout une

réunissent deux une vague .

En passant une houle de

roulement de larmes .

Passions trop immense 2 nom ou sauver.

Pourtant, le Nouvel An est une

crête sur laquelle deux chanter.

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année! .

Merry Christmas in French 2022 Wishes

It’s not the presents that ,

make Christmas so special,

it’s the presence of those you love,

whether they are with you in person, or spirit.

To my friends that I am ,

honored to have in my life.

May the season warm your soul,

bring love to your heart and ,

bless you with everything this ,

life has to offer.

Quotes on Merry Christmas in French


(1) With all the festive spirit around,

And all the fun and cheer,

Christmas is the time to express your love,

To all the near and dear,

So have a blessed time with all,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

(2) Under the Christmas tree,

With many dreams in the eyes,

The gifts and the fun,

Feeling a little wise,

That is the fun of Christmas,

With family and friends,

Stay blessed,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

(3) This holiday season,

May you and your family be blessed with,

Good health, happiness and wealth,

Merry Christmas!

And a happy new year!

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